Top 5 Red Flags Women Look for When Online Dating

Unlike a large number of men who may not consider a woman’s finer details beyond an awesome figure or a cute face prior to wooing her, nearly all ladies definitely carry out a painstaking character analysis before dating any given man. Therefore, it’s quite unfortunate for many green assuming males to interact with possible female partners without knowing that even their most understated antics are being constantly subjected to some unforgiving scrutiny. As such, highlighted in this article are some of the leading red flags women look for when dating men. Read on to discover how ladies thoroughly analyze a man’s personality right through the entire dating process.

1. Poor Communication Skills

Depending on the intellectual capabilities of the female in question, a woman will seek to establish whether a potential partner is a great communicator. Women, at least more than half of them, understand that a healthy one-on-one dialogue is required to build a strong opposite-sex liaison. Subsequently, she’s most likely going to avoid you if she discovers that your communications skills are somewhat wanting. Therefore, it’s crucial to build your resume as a confident and constructive communicator from the very outset.

2. Quick Temper

Remember that the average woman has already been in a couple of unsuccessful relationships previously. As such, the lady you’re talking to well understands how a quick-tempered guy is wont to ruin an otherwise promising affair. To avoid any other event of disheartening heartaches, the ubiquitous woman will first test your temperament to make sure that you’re mature enough to withstand the inevitable pressures that come with even the most blossoming relationships out there.

3. Honesty/Integrity

Since a reasonably mature lady understands the high likelihood of dating a perennial liar, she will weigh your truthfulness within the very first phases of interaction. Unluckily, such an experienced female is unlikely to give you any second chances once she uncovers your dishonesty. Due to the fact that it’s pretty hard to verify the authenticity of a man’s assertions before closer interminglement, the typical female dater will cross-examine a guy’s statements over some long period of time as they look for any tell-tale mismatch of vital details.

4. Extreme Privacy/Confidentiality

Although everyone tries to act mean with some bit of personal information, this universally understandable precautionary prudence sometimes bespeaks of an individual who has something undesirable to hide. In an era when several text messages can be exchanged across oceans in a jiffy, smart women tap into this unlimited opportunity to know as much info as possible about a potential lover prior to committing themselves. In case an overly defensive guy thwarts her totally candid attempts at knowing his present and past life, his odds of winning her over become sadly low.

5. Male Chauvinism/Misogyny

Some folks tend to think that it’s only professional feminists’ who talk of male chauvinism these days. Nevertheless, the common lady across the street understands that a man who doesn’t wholly esteem women is also bound to be an everyday bully or something like that. In fact, even deeply religious girls on some morally regarded online platforms such as Christian Café: Online Singles Site try to shun guys who betray any subtle hints of misogynist or chauvinist ideologies.