About the new Christian Science Colo.org

Thanks for visiting the new Christian Science Co.org

Despite the site being down for a short while we are back and revamping the look and the content of the site.  So what is going to be the focus of ChristianScienceCo.org going forward?

1. What is Christian Science?
Many people have seen Christian Science reading rooms on the streets of many of america’s cities but there are a lot of people who don’t know what it means to be a Christian scientist today. We are going to attempt to inform the public and dispel many misconceptions about the faith. A great place to start learning about the history and practices of Christian Science is ChristianScience.com.

2. How to get involved in the Christian Science community in Colorado.
There are more than 20 Christian Science reading rooms and Churches all throughout Colorado, chances are there is one close to you if you’re interested in learning more or joining a service. We will attempt to inform those who are interested in discovering all the amazing aspects of the faith in the first steps on this amazing life path.

3, Events, Events, Events!
Every week there are wonderful opportunities to commune with other faithful followers. These events give us a chance to find support and respite from our busy lives. The amazing community is one of the benefits of being involved in the Christian Science. Our goal is to track all of those amazing events to make planning your weekends a breeze.

I hope you are as excited for the future of our site as we are. Please bookmark our site and visit often to keep up to date as our site continues to grow.